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Federal Chamber of Notaries

The Federal Chamber of Notaries (FCN) is a nonprofit organization founded on the principles of self-government, self-regulation and self-financing. It brings together all Notaries of Russia through a binding collective membership of Chambers of Notaries located within the subjects of the Russian Federation. The regional Chambers of Notaries operate, in their turn, on the compulsory membership of all Notaries engaged in private practice in a particular region. 

The FCN holds its activities in compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding the notary society, the Federal law “On nonprofit organizations”, and other legal acts issued by state authorities, as well as international agreements, the Charter of the FCN, and also the Professional Code of Notaries of the Russian Federation. The FCN has all the rights of a legal entity, with full financial and economic independence, and its staff enables it to effectively fulfill functions assigned by law and the Charter in respect of the organization of notarial activities and implementation of controlling powers, it also represents interests of the notarial community within the state authorities. 

At the moment the membership in the Federal Chamber of Notaries is shared by 84 Chambers located in the subjects of the Russian Federation.