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The Federal Chamber of Notaries organises public and legal activities of the Russian non budget Notaries Society with regard to the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal persons. It namely:

• coordinates activities of Chambers of Notaries;

• represents the interests of Chambers of Notaries in state bodies and other organizations;

• ensures the protection of social and professional rights of private Notaries; 

• participates in carrying out expertise of the bills in matters related to notarial activities; 

• ensures professional development of notaries, their assistants and trainees; 

• arranges insurance of the notarial activities; 

• represents the interests of Chambers of Notaries in international organizations; 

• performs other powers, including supervising powers.

The powers of the Federal Chamber of Notaries are clearly defined by the Legislation of the Russian Federation and by its Charter.

Apart from this, the Federal Chamber of Notaries provides assistance to the notaries who are members of the regional Chambers of Notaries, regarding the legal, social and material protection of their professional rights, improvement of the working conditions, as well as in other issues associated with their activities. All the regional Chambers of Notaries are entitled to apply for any questions, related to the professional activities of notaries, to the executive and supervising bodies of the Federal Chamber of Notaries, which must ensure prompt and objective scrutiny of applications.

The budget of the Federal Chamber of Notaries is formed by the membership fees paid by all the regional Chambers of Notaries.