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Russian-Chinese Agreement on cooperation signed in China

20th June 2016  
The Federal Chamber of Notaries of the Russian Federation and China Notary Association are establishing partnership relations for legal cooperation, professional training and the use of a notarial act for the performance of public and legal functions. The Agreement between the two notarial bodies was signed on June 17 in Harbin, China, by the President of the Federal Chamber of Notaries Me Konstantin Korsik and the Chairman of the China Notary Association Me Ding Lu.

The active development of relations between the notary Institutes of Russia and China began in the summer of 2015, when the official delegation of the FCN visited Beijing and discussed, over the course of several meetings with the heads of the Ministry of Justice of China and the Notary Association of China, the issues of expanding bilateral relations. This process meets the tasks of the state policy in the sphere of extension of the full-scale and mutually beneficial partnership between our countries since the effective cooperation between the two notary societies allows to ensure stable and comfortable conditions for growing economic turnover and social relationship.

According to the Agreement, through expanding cooperation in the legal sphere between the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China, countries where the profession of a notary is an important factor ensuring the legal protection of citizens, with common tasks to be solved at the global level, the parties intend to guarantee the high quality of notarial activity and develop the effectiveness of notarial act. 

The Chairman of the China Notary Association Me Ding Lu said that the Agreement is a new stage in the development of our relations. Notaries in both countries should be on guard of the interests of citizens, prevent economic risks and protect property, including intellectual property. Notaries play a vital role in all the spheres of society. Some considerable work has been recently underway in China aiming to improve legislation in the field of the notary activities. According to the head of the Chinese notary Institute, the CNA pays great attention to the international cooperation, with Russia as one of its priority partners.

In turn, the President of the FCN Me Konstantin Korsik said that the role of notaries ensuring the stability of the civil turnover in Russia has significantly increased in recent years, the legislator sees the notaries Institute as very important for solving socially important issues, protecting legitimate interests of the owner and creating an attractive investment climate.

At the ceremony of signing the Agreement the Russian delegation also included the President of the Chamber of Notaries of the Amur region Asya Kazaryan, Vice President of the Primorye regional Chamber of Notaries Natalia Egorova, Advisor to the FCN President on international cooperation Alexander Yanin and a number of notaries from Amur region. Alongside the CNA Chairman, the Chinese delegation was represented by the Deputy Head of Foreign Relations Department of the CNA Mrs. Li Sha, Secretary of the party Committee and the Head of the justice body in Heilongjiang province Mr. Wo Linsen, as well as other judiciary officials and notaries of the PRC.