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Notaries of Hungary pay a visit to Russian colleagues

18th July 2016  
A delegation of notaries from the Republic of Hungary visited Russia last week. The group included more than 30 notaries from different parts of Hungary. The delegation spent the first part of the visit in Russia’ Northern capital and headed afterwards for Moscow where it visited the Federal Chamber of Notaries and Moscow notary society representatives.

In St. Petersburg the delegation, with the ex-President of the Hungarian Notary Chamber Me Margit Farkas at the helm, was welcomed by the President of the Chamber of Notaries of Saint-Petersburg Me Piotr Gerasimenko, President of the Chamber of Notaries of the Leningrad region Me Elena Moskal, Chairman of the Commission on ethics, professional honour and image of the FCN, notary in St.-Petersburg Me Tatyana Archugova. During the meeting, the Russian party talked about the structure and functionality of the notary chamber, the interaction between regional and city chambers and also gave details of the actual novels in Russia’s legislation that extended the powers of non-budget notaries and strengthened their role as an effective tool for protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities. 

Piotr Gerasimenko gave a detailed insight into the peculiarities of the organization of professional activities of Russian notaries — he identified the example of his own notary office to show how hereditary cases are held and the access to registers is provided and also the way how the Unified information system of notaries works in the electronic interaction with Rosreestr, tax authorities and banks.

The first item on the program in Moscow was the meeting at the Federal Chamber of Notaries. Foreign guests were welcomed by the President of the FCN Me Konstantin Korsik. Me Korsik pointed out the importance of this kind of visits for the development of bilateral international cooperation and regular exchange of experiences between notary societies in the European countries. The Hungarian delegation received the information about the structure of Russia’s notaries Institute, the role and tasks of the Federal Chamber of Notaries. Foreign colleagues were highly interested in the issue of the notaries’ professional liability insurance that operates in the Russian Federation. The Hungarian delegation praised Russia’s multi-tiered system of the notarial activity insurance and expressed the confidence in its further effective implementation.

The final part of the visit consisted in the visit to the Moscow City Notary Chamber, where the delegation met with the Chamber’s Board members, notaries of Moscow Nikolay Kuznetsov and Yury Pokrovsky, as well as the Chamber’s managing director Ilona Matveeva. In addition to the introductory presentations of the history, traditions and current activities of the Moscow Chamber of Notaries, the following topics were covered: social protection of the notaries, increasing role of notaries in the real estate transactions, current system of professional training of Russian notaries. At the end of the visit the Hungarian delegation got acquainted with the organization and work of one of Moscow’s notary offices.