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Berlin Congress: new round of cooperation of notariats of Russia and Germany and other hot topics of the XXIX Congress of notaries in Germany

07th July 2016  
From June 29 to July 2, 2016 in the German capital the XXIX Congress of notaries of Germany took place. This event was organized by the Federal notarial chamber of Germany each five years, and the very first similar forum is dated 1902. The congress not only serves as the major discussion platform for the German notaries, but also is interesting to numerous foreign guests: representatives of notariats of various countries of continental Europe, experts from other spheres of legal activity, members of scientific community, members of the mass media, etc.

The Russian notariat at the forum 2016 was represented by the president of the Federal notarial chamber of Russia — Konstantin Korsik.

On the occasion of opening of the Congress the president of Federal notarial chamber of Germany Jens Bormann presented the welcoming speech. Among guests of honor of the Congress it is necessary to mark out the president of the International Union of Latin Notariat Daniel-Sedar Senghor, and also his colleagues from the International Union of Latin Notariat: commission chairman on the European affairs Pierre Becque and commission chairman on the international notarial cooperation Michele Merlotti. The president of the Notarial chamber of Georgia Nino Hoperiya also visited the events of the German forum . Among foreign guests the representatives of notarial institutes of France, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia and other countries of Europe were also marked out.

The central theme of the XXIX Congress of notaries of Germany has sounded as “Development and legal safety — the features of notariat determined by the country of its origin”.

Within the program of the forum several round table discussions have been carried out on which the topical legal issues connected with protection of the property right in the real estate market were discussed; the questions of notarial activities arising owing to economic development of the European countries: the new technological capabilities connected with development of information technologies in activities of notaries. The forthcoming International congress of notaries which will pass in October of this year in Paris became one more significant subject of the forum. The congress is the major international event for notaries of the whole world, and in 2016 it will be devoted to legal and social and economic bases of notarial activities, and also technical and legal aspects of information exchange within notarial practice.

Within the informal meeting with the managing border of the Federal notarial chamber of Germany — its president Jens Bormann and the vice-president Richard Bock, the president of the Federal notarial chamber of Russia Konstantin Korsik agreed about prolongation of the Agreement on cooperation between the Federal notarial chambers of Germany and Russia, having marked thereby a start of a new stage of a bilateral cooperation between the German and Russian notariats. On a preliminary conclusion of the parties the signature of this agreement is planned on December, 2016.