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Past and present of the Russian notariat in special release of the international edition "Le Gnomon"

17th October 2016  
Known in more than 80 countries of the world, the scientific-journalistic magazine of the International Institute of History of the Notariat - "Le Gnomon" has issued the special number devoted to 150-year anniversary of the Russian notariat. It is the first case when the institute of notariat in Russia, its formation and current state became a subject of the release of the authoritative foreign edition.

In 2016, was the anniversary of the national notariat, and the interest to it as to socially significant institute with sesquicentennial history considerably grew including the international scene. Such attention managed to achieve also thanks to a productive cooperation of notariat of Russia with notarial communities of other countries. 

One of the directions of the international activities of the Russian notariat is its participation in work of the International Institute of History of the Notariat (GNOMON). The institute unites over 40 member countries and acts as structural division of the Supreme Council of notariat of France, and the associated member of International Union of Latin Notariat. The Russian part is represented by its vice-president, the scientific consultant of the Commission on research of historical heritage of the Russian notariat of Federal notarial chamber of the Russian Federation, the member of the commission on history of state and law of the Russian historical society Andrey Eryomenko.

The special release of the “Le Gnomon” magazine dated for the 150 anniversary from the moment of registration of the Russian notariat in independent legal institute includes a number of scientific-journalistic articles of both national and foreign experts in the field of history of state and law, and international relations. 

This release represents the congratulatory speech of the president of the International Union of the Notariat Daniel-Sedar Senghor delivered by him to the president of Federal notarial chamber Konstantin Korsik on celebration on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the Russian notariat. Let’s remind that the anniversary of national notariat was celebrated in Moscow in April, 2016. The action was attended by representatives of the international legal community from more than ten countries of the world — France, Italy, Iran, Slovakia, Spain, Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, etc.

Among the articles published in the magazine it’s worth noting the editorial article of the president of “the International Institute of History of the Notariat” Jean-Pierre Clavel “European Russia, the certificate of geopolitics”. This material contains the history of Europe divided into the nations and religion, but united by the continental law which is “professed” also by Russia is provided. In this context Jean-Pierre Clavel writes about 150-year anniversary of the Russian notariat which basis it formed, including, and legal experience of France. The author of article describes the positive impressions of the organization of the Russian notarial community with which he managed to get acquainted within the scientific and practical conference “Evolution of the Notarial Act” which was taking place in Pskov in 2014.

The separate article of the magazine tells about the present stage of development of the French-Russian cooperation in the field of notarial activities. The sketch contains the description of meetings of heads of notariats of two countries, joint actions, significant bilateral agreements. Among milestone events within interaction of notariats of Russia and France participation of representatives of the Supreme Council of the Notariat of France in the V International legal forum which took place in May, 2016 in St. Petersburg. The Agreement on cooperation between Federal notarial chamber of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Council of Notariat of France signed by the president Konstantin Korsik and the president Pierre-Luc Vogele acts as the key document fixing close French-Russian interaction concerning notarial activities. In April of this year the Agreement was confirmed with signing of the next Addition. 

In special release of the magazine also the retrospective analysis devoted to formation of a modern notariat in the Russian Federation and Federal notarial chamber as the body regulating activities of notaries for all country is published. The article provides the characteristic of the key principles and regulations which are the basis of notarial activities in Russia; status of the notary; status of the notarial act; notarial competence; secret of making of notarial action; corporate ethics and so forth.

The scientific part of the edition is presented by the Russian authors. So, the notary of Moscow, Candidate of Law Sciences, the member of the commission on research of historical heritage of the Russian notariat Elena Kasanova represents the material “About Legal Value of Notarial Acts in Russia”. This article — one of the first attempts of scientific judgment of development of the legislation on the notarial act in Russia both from the point of view of history, and from the point of view of the right. The author has paid special attention to standards of “The provision on a notarial part” 1866, and also to the modern legislation regulating the status of the notarial act. The comparative analysis has allowed to draw a conclusion that norms on the notarial act of this or that period in many respects cause the course and an orientation of “formatting” and the institute of a notariat. 

The report “The organization of notariat of France and Russia in the 19th century is also published in the magazine: the general and special” vice-president “of the International Institute of History of the Notariat” Andrey Eryomenko. For the first time this work has been presented by the author on the General Assembly of Institute in November, 2015. The report provides the conditions of reception of the principles of French law “The law supporting the organization of notariat”, and also specifics of its adaptation in national practice.

Preparation of the special edition was performed since the beginning of this year in fixed interaction of the scientific consultant of the Commission on aresearch of historical heritage of the Russian notariat of Andrey Eryomenko and the staff of the Supreme Council of notariat of France, “the International Institute of History of the Notariat”, and also the editorial office of the Le Gnomon magazine.

Active part in preparation of special release of the magazine was taken: president of “the International Institute of History of the Notariat” Jean-Pierre Clavel; secretary of Governing Council of Institute, and also its treasurer, director and editor-in-chief of the Le Gnomon magazine Philip Kaia; notary of France, representative of the Supreme Council of notariat of France responsible for cooperation with Russia, Serge Pascault; representative of Management concerning ethics and behavior of the Supreme Council of notariat of France Valérie Keer; employee of Management of Europe and international relations of the Supreme Council of notariat of France Larisa Albertini. From the Russian side significant assistance of project implementation was rendered by the commission chairman on aresearch of historical heritage of the Russian notariat, the vice-president of the Nizhny Novgorod notarial chamber, the member of the commission on history of state and law of the Russian historical society Vitaly Anev. 

The edition of special release of the Le Gnomon magazine devoted to 150-year anniversary of the Russian notariat shows a positive spirit of the international notarial community on further constructive interaction with notariat of Russia, recognition of its long traditions and historical dominants, and also an appreciation of achievements and progress of institute over the past few years. Participation in the XXVIII International Congress of notaries which will pass in Paris from October 19 to October 22, 2016 will become the next important event within the international activities of national notariat.