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The Notariat is on the conference «Russia and China»

29th October 2016  
On the 29th of October 2016 the conference «Russia and China are legal partners» was held during several conferences dedicated to actual issues of jurisprudence and international cooperation in a legal sphere.

The International Legal Forum along with the educational project LA Academy, as well as the nonprofit organization “Russian-Chinese legal society” are organizers of the event which was held in Moscow in the conference hall of the hotel St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya.

Russian and Chinese legal companies, branch associations of entrepreneurs whose business is related to China, as well as scientific and educational spheres’ figures are traditional participants of topical conferences from LA Academy. The state importance of cooperation between Russia and China has been revealed by the participation of representatives of specialized ministries, including Yurii Lubimov, Deputy Minister of justice, Sergei Levin, Deputy Minister of agriculture, Pavel Volkov, Adviser to Minister on Far Easter development. The special guest of the event was Grubesha Josip, Minister of justice of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Konstantin Korsik, President of the Federal Notary Chamber, made a speech on behalf of The Russian Notary society.

President Korsik remarked that the partnership of notary societies of the Russian Federation and that of China was going through a stage of active development and intensification. Fruitful cooperation of both countries in respect of notariat is stipulated by the necessity of creating a reliable legal base for development of bilateral relations practically in all directions in economy and social sphere. Defending the rights and legal interests of citizens and business, a notary creates clear and comfortable conditions for growing economical commerce and social connections between the two countries.

Having received a lot of new and extremely important competences from the legislator, the Russian notariat plays a unique role in regulating social sphere, defending legal interests of owners, creating attractive investment climate.

For developing economic relations between Russian and China large competences of notaries in defending foreign investments and investors’ rights are especially relevant. Today it refers to both obligatory notarial form for a number of deals in the corporate sphere, and the new regulation of notarial certification in respect of shares of the Limited liability company, and the notary’s deposit as a reliable and comfortable tool for payments in deals. What is important that all the activity of notaries in Russia is fortified by multilevel system of insurance of professional liability that guarantees the damage of any scale.

The President of the Federal notary chamber was speaking about a number of bilateral events organized by initiative both Russian and Chinese party in 2015-2016. President Korsik highlighted intensive interaction between notaries of Russia and those of China on the level of neighboring regions- Amur region and province Heilongjiang. The agreement on cooperation between notariat of Russia and that of China was preliminary result of Russian-Chinese notarial interaction. In order to fulfill positions of the Agreement a number of bilateral meetings between notaries of Russia and those of China have been planned for 2017. The Chinese delegation is expected to be seen among the participants of The International Legal Forum in Saint-Petersburg. 

As part of 7th hours conference the participants managed to discuss a range of issues of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the legal sphere. Representatives of the state University of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow state University, Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO, University of Heilongjiang exchanged opinions on programs for preparation profile Chinese speaking specialists in Russian Universities. Employees of legal companies, attorneys have considered advantages and disadvantages of settling disputes in international commercial arbitration tribunals. Professor of the University of politology and laws told in details the audience about the system of the Chinese tribunal. Representatives of the banking and investment departments discussed effective methods of approaching Chinese investments in the Russian economy. Businessmen, heads of legal departments of big Russian and foreign companies organized case-study “Dialogue with business” as a practical course.