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In the run-up-to the New Year and Christmas: charity action by the Chamber of Notaries in the city of Sevastopol

30th December 2016  
The Chamber of Notaries held a charity event providing aid to Sevastopol Regional Public Organization of Disabled Children “Special Children” by publishing an information brochure “The Right to Live. Rights and Benefits of a disabled child and their family.”

The brochure contains information on the rights and benefits granted to disabled children and their families not only by the federal, but also regional legislation. The brochure also includes a set of instructions defining the order of getting the benefits. The publication is expected to be distributed amongst the proper category of citizens and is to become a kind of an every-day “cheat sheet”, the authors believe. 

As part of the charity action, Sevastopol’s “Specialized orphanage for children with the central nervous system and mental disorders” was provided with special air purification equipment. Sanitary standards prescribe that all spaces where pupils of the orphanage might be, ought to contain such equipment, however so far this requirement has seen just a partial fulfillment. 

The charity event drew a line under 2016, whilst the upcoming year is believed to bring many other good deeds.