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Council of young notaries of the Moscow City Chamber of Notaries gives a lecture for Notary offices staff

10th January 2017  
This time, the topic offered for attendees was dedicated to the General meeting of the limited liability company participants’ endorsement of decisions and list of participants who attend the meeting when decisions are taken. Notarial acts associated with the certification of decisions by business entities are increasingly common in notarial practice so the staff in notary offices need to permanently deepen their knowledge in the corporation law.

The lecture was delivered by the Notary assistant Mikhail Yuldashev. He made a review of the legislation acts which regulate this sphere. After that issues related to a proper way of defining a person entitled to address a Notary for making this kind of a notary act, getting prepared for this act as well as the documents to be produced, were considered in details. The lecture also covered key checking actions carried out by a Notary, including the right to participation in a meeting, general meeting competence, and also powers of participants’ representatives. 

The lecturer described in details the order of performing a notarial act and its final leg — delivery of the certificate to confirm decisions and list of participants who attended the meeting. It comes, in particular, to the data to be introduced in the certificate and in the notary acts registration book. 

Attendees checked once again their knowledge on legal fundamentals and notarial act procedure and also shared experience of the norms application in different situations. The theme of refusal in performing a notary act was covered too. The lecturer listed the reasons for refusal and clarified what legislation norms should be referred to if such a situation occurs.