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On September 9, 2016 the capital city of France hosted the 13th Russian-French workshop dedicated to the topic “Transfer of titles.” The workshop has long proved itself as one of the most important European level discussion platforms making a significant contribution into the development of international relations in the field of notarial activities.
In late August, Russia’s major media looked again to the development of notarial activity in the country. It comes to the increase of the minimum value of the notary’s professional activity personal insurance. The public resonance was justified – indeed, notaries represent the only institution, where each member bears full financial responsibility for their professional activities, with the Institute of notaries providing collective guarantees of this responsibility. This is even more important when the real estate market is involved, and in this regard the increase in the amount of insurance is intended to further strengthen the protection of citizens.
A delegation of notaries from the Republic of Hungary visited Russia last week. The group included more than 30 notaries from different parts of Hungary. The delegation spent the first part of the visit in Russia’ Northern capital and headed afterwards for Moscow where it visited the Federal Chamber of Notaries and Moscow notary society representatives.
From June 29 to July 2, 2016 in the German capital the XXIX Congress of notaries of Germany took place. This event was organized by the Federal notarial chamber of Germany each five years, and the very first similar forum is dated 1902. The congress not only serves as the major discussion platform for the German notaries, but also is interesting to numerous foreign guests: representatives of notariats of various countries of continental Europe, experts from other spheres of legal activity, members of scientific community, members of the mass media, etc.
The president of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed Federal laws No. 332-FZ and 360-FZ which broaden the competence of notary. The notary writ will become the effective instrument of relations settlement between creditor and borrower, authenticity of the letters of authority can be verified on the Internet, the system of notarial rates will become even more convenient for citizens.
The Federal Chamber of Notaries of the Russian Federation and China Notary Association are establishing partnership relations for legal cooperation, professional training and the use of a notarial act for the performance of public and legal functions. The Agreement between the two notarial bodies was signed on June 17 in Harbin, China, by the President of the Federal Chamber of Notaries Me Konstantin Korsik and the Chairman of the China Notary Association Me Ding Lu.
During the ceremony of celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Russian notariat the Adviser of President of the Russian Federation Veniamin Yakovlev announced the congratulatory message of President to the Russian notaries.
On the 5th of April 2016, in Paris the president of the Notary chamber of the Russian Federation Konstantin Korsik and the president of the High council of notariat of France Pierre-Luc Vogel signed the Annex to the Agreement of cooperation between the Notary chamber of the Russian Federation and the High council of notariat of France.
On December 29, 2015 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed Federal law No. 391-FZ, which significantly enlarges notary’s powers and establishes more effective ways of protecting the rights of Russia’s citizens, it also provides new opportunities for business and opens new directions for the development of notarial society.
Experts of the notarial society took part in the 2nd all-Russian forum on corporate law, held on the 26th and 27th of November 2015 in Moscow on the DI Telegraph educational platform. The event was organized by the Shareholder’s Bulletin magazine, the corporate management directory and supported by the Federal Chamber of Notaries.