Notarial Acts

Notarial acts

Notarial acts are performed on behalf of the Russian Federation.

Notaries fulfill the following notarial actions:

• certification of transactions, including powers of attorney, wills, contracts (purchase and sale, exchange, pledge of movable and immovable property and others);
• issuance of inheritance certificates;
• taking measures to protect inherited property;
• issuance of certificates on the title of a share in the common property of spouses;
• imposing and removal of bans of the property alienation;
• certification of true copies of the documents and extracts from them;
• certification of true signatures in the documents;
• certification of the accuracy of translation of the documents;
• certification of the fact of a citizen’s living state;
• certification of the fact of a citizen to be in a certain place;
• certification of the identity of a citizen and person depicted in the photograph;
• certification of the time of presentation of documents;
• transfer of statements of individuals and legal entities to other physical and legal entities;
• taking funds and securities for a deposit;
• performing executive endorsements;
• performing protests of the bills;
• presentation of the cheques to be paid and certification of the non-payment of checks;
• acceptance of the documents for storage;
• producing sea protests;
• provision of the evidence;
• certification of the data on persons in the cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
• registration of the notices of the pledge of movable property;
• issuance of extracts from the register of notifications about pledge of movable property;

• issuance of duplicate copies of notarial certificates, executive endorsements and duplicate copies of the documents containing the contents of the notarized transactions;
• certification of the equivalence between an eDocument and paper document;
• certification of the equivalence between a paper document and eDocument;
• submission of the documents for state registration of the title on immovable property and transactions with it;
• certification of the identity of the handwritten signature of a visually disabled person and the facsimile reproduction of his handwritten signature;
• taking measures to protect inherited property;
• certification of the resolutions of the legal entities management bodies;
• submission of the documents for the state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Notaries also perform other notarial acts in compliance with the legislative acts of the Russian Federation.